H Style 2 Speed

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Bromptons are the king of folding bikes, designed and manufactured with the real world in mind. It folds up tiny and is light enough to carry up a five flight walkup. Here at Adeline Adeline we have selected a few lovely combination's of this classic bike to keep in stock. The H Style provides a much more upright riding position and itt should feel right at home with the rest of our city bikes.

The 2 speed is perfectly simple, one gear is for hills and starting off while the other gear is for cruising. Based on the unique Brompton derailleur system, this is the best set up for flexibility and portability. City riders rejoice!

Brompton marries excellence in design, engineering and manufacturing with a passion for doing it all in London. They have never followed the easy option, insisting on getting things right rather than getting them easily or first, and that remains their approach. Whether you use public or private transportation, or neither, a Brompton allows you to rethink, vary and adapt your journeys at will. They set you free from the constraints imposed by the combustion engine, weather, transport systems, bike thieves and other hassles.

  • Eazy Wheels

    Eazy Wheels

    Super handy little wheels that allow you to easily push your bicycle around once folded.

  • Tires


    All of our Bromptons come stock with Schwalbe Marathon tires, the most puncture resistant of the group. It offers better durability and is solidly-built, perfect for those mean city streets.

  • Saddle


    Designed by Brompton specifically for their bikes, this unisex saddle has a molded grip under the nose that facilitates carrying. The included Pentaclip securely attaches the saddle to your bicycle and allows for easy adjustment of angles.

  • Front Carrier Block

    Front Carrier Block

    Carrying bags around on a Brompton is best when utilizing one of their many genius front bags. The luggage is attached via a frame onto a tapered block (aka Front Carrier Block), it only takes a second to attach or release your luggage and off you go!

Brompton H Style 2 Speed*

Available in Black, Racing Green, Sage Green or Hot Pink

Mud guards
Firm suspension
Front carrier block (required to carry any luggage)
Eazy wheels
Schwalbe Marathon Tires
Brompton saddle**
Extended or standard seat pillar

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*If you are interested in ordering a custom bike please contact the store. Custom orders are experiencing extended lead times due to production delays.

**Bicycle comes standard with a Brompton saddle, Brooks B17 Special Saddle upgrade available

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