• pashley

    The quintessential English town and country bicycle. Perhaps the world's first luxury bike - and still handmade in Pashley's Stratford-upon-Avon factory. Traditional style. impeccable details. It doesn't get more romantic than this.

  • brompton

    Bromptons are the king of folding bikes, designed and manufactured with the real world in mind. It folds up tiny and is light enough to carry up a five flight walkup. Here at Adeline Adeline we have selected a few lovely combination's of this classic bike to keep in stock.

  • paper bicycles

    Handmade in Scotland, the Paper Bicycle was originally developed for the Royal Mail while they were building bicycle trailers for the postal service in 2006. Since then it has gently matured to become the bicycle the owners would want to buy and celebrates the joy of cycling with a ride that is relaxed and nimble. It is a machine that works every time you need it to, and a journey that leaves you comfortable, clean and refreshed.

  • bobbin

    Since 2007 Bobbin has been creating bicycles with personality and charisma, growing from a cult following to an international brand. Each one has been designed for the daily narratives of the real people they’ve met in their London boutique. Hop on a Bobbin and recapture the magic and excitement we all felt when riding our first bike.

  • linus

    Inspired by French bicycles of the 50’s and 60’s, Linus simplifies the city bike into a pure, beautiful, and amazingly affordable ride.

  • Workcycles

    WorkCycles city bikes are practical, beautiful and durable transportation built to provide decades of reliable service in all conditions. Like all Dutch bikes they're equipped to ride comfortably upright, stay clean and dry in street clothes, and carry your groceries, gear and children.

  • Simcoe

    A bicycle for North America. Simcoe bicycles draw inspiration from a forgotten era of North American cycling. They are a product of both experience and necessity, built for the cold of the northeast and the boardwalks of the southwest. A story lies behind every angle, creating an upright ride and agile feel - bridging modern geometry with classic form.

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