Lightning Vest


The Lightning Vest is a hand-netted, highly visible safety vest made from a custom developed 3M reflective material. It can be worn all year, day or night and layered over jackets or t-shirts. Neck opening is wide enough to pass over your helmet and netting is large enough for your hand to access your pockets. The Lightning Vest is very strong, lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket without ever getting tangled.

As a bonus the cellophane bag it's packaged in is made from cellulose found in wood fibers, which makes it certified biodegradable and compostable!


Dargelos Lightning Vest

Handmade in Brooklyn, NY, packaged in a 100% cotton pouch, made in the U.S.A.

Three sizes:
Small, Medium or Large
Unisex. The Lightning Vest has a loose fit so it can be worn over a jacket.

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